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Phuket Plastic Surgery

"I would like to express my gratitude to all the Nurses, staff and workers at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital in the Muang District of Phuket. With very special thanks to Dr.Sanguan Kunaporn a Surgeon of very special qualities, a man of considerable honour that I found to be amiable, a friend and had an air of confidence that was reassuring in times of anguish.
Half the struggle with any surgery is positive mental attitude (good Kama) and Mr Sanguan has the rare ability to enable that in his patients, not all surgeon's can do this. I can talk from experience as I have had many operations in the past. After a dramatic failure over 18 months ago due to circumstances beyond mine or Dr Sanguans control I was reassured that he would do all he could to put it right, and I believed him. The first thing you see
when you enter the Hospital is the word "Believe".

Now after about 12 hours of total time in the surgery over a two week period Dr Sanguan took such meticulous
care and attention to my "problem" that would put any  hospital in the world 2nd to this one. Private Health-care wherever you are from in the world I would recommend wholeheartedly that you come to Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket and with a sensible approach to any Health Issue you can be checked for problems even before you are made aware of them by becoming ill when quite often it is too late.

What has been achieved here with regard to my own particular case is a level of trust and understanding that Medical professionals around the world need as they face more and more litigation for damages. Money I think does not compensate for poor health nor does putting blame on people who are willing to help you improve your situation. What matters is that somewhere in the world you can go and receive the proper care and attention you deserve knowing that whatever happens they are there for you and with lovely smiles too.

What you have all done for me you will do for everyone who walks through your doors and that is to make the world   a better place to live in, free from Pain, Anguish and suffering to the moment you leave full of Hope, Love and peace.

Without being too political I think that the world should stand up and applaud the Thai people for their contribution to making these things happen and that you enjoy what you also deserve. Appreciation, respect and the status as world leaders in medicine and health-care.
From the bottom of my heart

thank you Dr Sanguan Kunaporn and thank you Thailand" Best regards and love

From Jenny and George

NB picture taken in Scotland October 2005 on a walking holiday "The West Highland Way"

Name : Paula Jenny Morris   Country : GB
Date : 13 / 12 / 2005


I had SRS and BA with Dr. Sanguan on 08 June 2004 (2547 BE) at Phuket International Hospital.Phuket Plastic Surgery

It was the most profound and remarkable experience of my life. My wife Sally also made the trip to Thailand. She was able to stay in my hospital room with me for the entire duration.

The Thais have something they call nahm jai, which translates into an outpouring of the heart. It means to treat someone like a member of your own family. Dr Sanguan, his staff and the staff and nurses at PIH did just that, they treated us like their own family and we both developed some very special bonds with the kindest, most compassionate, most understanding and wonderful people that either one of us has ever met.

The nurses at PIH are the absolute finest that I\'ve ever seen. Their bedside manner is exquisite and their medical and people skills are second to none.

Dr. Sanguan is one of the finest surgeons in the world. It was a delight to watch him work. He is so focused and so caring and his stitchwork is both elegant and exquisite.

I\'ve had four surgeries in the US and everytime I was really worried , not to mention being scared. But in Phuket International Hospital, under Dr. Sanguan\'s tender care I was completely at ease. I knew that he and his staff and the nurses would not only take great care of me, but of my wife Sally as well. I trusted them all with my life and they and the care they provided exceeded my expectations.

The OR staff was excellant. It was the first time in my life that I had fun in an operating room. Everyone in OR was quite surprised when I was asked if I was doing OK and I responded by saying that I was sanook. That\'s the Thai word for having fun. I think Dr Sanguan was surprised by my answer as well because he stopped and asked me if I was really having fun in OR. I told him that I had waited all my life for that day. I was broke and he was fixing me and I was definitely having the greatest, most enjoyable time of my life.

The finest nurse that I have ever known is Aree in the PIH OR. She is a warm, friendly, compassionate, loving, extremely competent nurse. To watch Dr Sanguan and the nurses in OR was like watching a great symphony orchestra. The nurses took great care of my Sally also, especially during the times that I was in OR.

I had absolutely no pain from my SRS and only a sore muscle feeling from the breast surgery. I never had to ask for any pain medication.

We were served wonderful Thai food and we also had the opportunity to order out and get anything we wanted. My wife and I had a pizza party for the nurses before we left the hospital.

Ot, who was the liason to Dr Sanguan\'s office made sure we had everything. Anything we wanted we told Ot and we had it. He was fantastic and has become a good friend. We also rented a laptop at PIH and had good internet service.

After my release from the hospital, we stayed at the Banthai Beach Hotel in Patong. We also had a great time while there. The Thai people at Patong were just as warm and as friendly as the folks at PIH.

But I actually enjoyed my time in Phuket International Hospital more than I enjoyed staying at Patong.

Because of what was done to me in Phuket I tend to feel that I\'m now part Thai. Living with the Thai people for several weeks has changed the way I see the world. I fell in love with Thailand and it\'s people and I long to return to The Land Of Smiles. It feels more like my home than anywhere on Earth.

It is with great pride I say that I was Made In Thailand and that I have a \"Body By Sanguan\".

Janis Jade Roguskie
Name : Janis Jade Roguskie   Country : USA
Date : 13 / 12 / 2005




Thank you sanguan for everything you did for me , you are a miracle worker and truely one of god's angels , everything is brilliant for me now i have no issues dilating is easy thanks so much
Name : Emma Bentley   Country : Great Britain
Date : 05 / 12 / 2005

Phuket Plastic Surgery

Dear Dr. Sanguan and Staff,
And to everyone considering MTF SRS at Phuket Plastic Surgery Centre.

I returned from having SRS, Breast Augmentation and a facelift with Dr. Sanguan in Phuket, Thailand on October 21st and went back to my practice 11 days after being released from the hospital. This is the start of my fourth week back at work. I see an average of 150 patients a week and the first week back was difficult but managable. I have really done well and at this point no longer feel any discomfort.

Dr Sanguan is an excellent surgeon and there was very little pain with any of the medical work he did. The results I got were nothing short of excellent and I have experinced no difficulties with dilation. I ended up with 5 plus inches of depth and can easily get the largest dilator in.

The best news is that everything works! And works very well. I am very sensate and pleased to report that the experiences I have now as a woman are amazing. I hope this isn’t more detail then you want to hear but I feel it’s helpful for those who have anxiety about ability to have a full sex life after SRS.

I am a bit overweight and wasn’t the easiest patient to work on. The SRS and breast augmentation took 12 and ½ hours to complete. The facelift and skin grafts took a separate procedure and required 10 hours to complete. These times are way longer then what is usually required. Dr. Sanguan holds very high standards. He was determined to get a good result and took the time that was necessary to do it. I really don’t think that many other surgeons, anywhere in the world, would have spent the time it took with me to deliver the excellent results I have gotten.

I can say without reserevation that choosing Dr. Sanguan was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I recommend him highly. He is a lovely man, gifted surgeon and produces beautifully artistic results.

Phuket International hospital was wonderful as were the nursing staff. I will always remember the loving care I received from all of you.

Thailand is now my home away from home. All of the friends I made there have a special place in my heart.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me. My email address is

Thank god that people Like Dr. Sanguan exist.

Name : Dr.Corrine Anderson   Country : Australia
Date : 04 / 12 / 2005



I'm glad if I'd be the first visitor on this guest book! And I'm glad to see the suplendid smile of Dr.'s daughter! How is everything about you Dr. Sanguan? It seems you have improved the SRS technich better and better. How nich it is!!! After I underwent your SRS I'm now very fine and live as a woman. And thank you every day!!! I am wondering if 'One Piece' is populer in Thailand???
Name : AkiFujita   Country : Japan
Date : 19 / 11 / 2005

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