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Phuket Plastic Surgery

My stay at Phuket at the International Hospital was almost like a holiday with the added benefit of my SRS. I shall never forget the kindness and understanding that I received from Dr Sanguan and his well trained staff. Like many of the previous additions to this guestbook , my stay has made me want always to return to Phuket . The Thai people will always have a very warm spot within my heart. I cannot speak too highly of the skill demonstrated by Dr Sanguan and I am delighted with the results of my surgery.
From Dorothy J Gartner
New Zealand
Name : Country : NZ
Date : 12 July 2006
Name : Dorothy Joan Gartner   Country : New Zealand
Date : 16 / 07 / 2006


Hello to Dr Sanguan, and the staff of Phuket International Hospital.Phuket Plastic Surgery

Dr Sanguan did my SRS, June 2001. And everything has been great. I had a great time at PIH, and my SRS made me whole, and complete. My life since SRS has been fantastic, and it was the best thing I ever had done for myself. Many thanks to Dr Sanguan, and everyone at PIH.
Samantha Helstrom

Name : Samantha Helstrom   Country : USA
Date : 19 / 02 / 2006



Phuket Plastic Surgery

I guess just about everyone thinks that their surgeon is the best. All I can say is that it\'s difficult to imagine anyone better than Dr. Sanguan and his staff at Phuket International Hospital. Everyone was so kind, considerate, gentle, and good humored. And the standard of care was second to none. Oh, and the results are terrific. Thank you all!

I underwent GRS and breast augmentation in November 2005 and am always happy to hear from anyone who might want to learn more about my experiences in Thailand, or to share their\'s. You can contact me at or through my Web site,

Name : Sandra Orlando   Country : USA
Date : 04 / 02 / 2006

Phuket Plastic Surgery

I wish to thank Dr Sanguan for making my life complete. I had SRS on the 11th of November 2005. I never anticipated the results that I have. The way I look and feel are beyond belief.
I also wish to thank all of the staff for being more than professional, I miss them all. I hope to return to Thailand in the next few years( I would love to live there. Someone recently asked me \" How could you have gone all the way to Thailand for surgery, what if something happens that you have to have something fixed\". I replied, I would go in a second. I would travel the 10,000 plus miles again to have only the best surgeon take care of me.
To all the girls out there contemplating surgery, Dr. Sanguan is a top notch surgeon, he doesn\'t charge an abomidable price and treats you like a human. Intsead of a dollar sign.

Name : Danielle LaRochelle   Country : USA
Date : 18 / 01 / 2006


As we close this year of 2005 and look forward to a new year may we (Nicole and I) wish you and you staff our very best wishes.

Phuket Plastic SurgeryWords really can\'t express our feelings of contentment following our visit to you in 2003.

Before surgery our main objective was to simply complete our transition and remove the conflict that we had both lived with for so many years. We took the decision to have GRS surgery with you because we felt that your technique seemed to offer the most effective treatment with the minimum complications. As a practitioner I feel that I am rather objective about the decisions I make and can evaluate data in order to make an informed choice. What we didn\'t expect was the warm, friendly compassion from everyone in the Phuket Plastic Surgery Centre. The level of care and total commitment we experienced was truly wonderful. From our arrival at Phuket airport where we were collected by Mr Saroj (hope I spelt his name correctly) through the surgery itself and the post-op recovery period in the hospital and after discharge to The Amari Coral in Patong, to our departure back to England we have only positive thoughts. The huge flower arrangement waiting for our return from OT, the ‘no
thing is too much trouble’ from the nurses, the massages just to make us feel nice, the fantastic beds that really did allow us to get into a comfortable position, even the hospital administrators who really do work hard to make everything smooth and easy and yes even the deliveries of KFC and Dunkin Donuts!

We read lots of comments made by ‘post-op’ patients from all over the world and many of these messages extol the virtues of good experience, kindness and clinical excellence so what do we feel makes Dr Sanguan different? His skill certainly puts him in the top few, the aesthetics of his work leave an anatomically perfect result and the functionality is as we expected perfect too, but the sensitivity, the sheer pleasure of everything being ‘as it should’ and working as nature intended cannot possibly be imagined. His attention to detail is just amazing and nothing is too much trouble. He spends time before the surgery considering our individual needs ensuring that we were able to achieve the things we wanted not just a procedure that we had to fit into but something made for us.

It is hard to imagine life before our journey to Phuket, in life I guess, we all do things that with the benefit of hindsight we would do differently. If we had the chance to have a GRS again we would not change a thing!

Thank you Dr Sanguan and to every member of your team for changing our lives and for allowing us to be the healthy, normal people we always wanted to be and for making our transition something to look back upon with a feeling of happiness.

The picture was taken in the French Alps five months after we returned home.

Dr Emma Scully
Miss Nicole Wells
England 2005

Name : Dr Emma Scully
Country : UK

Name : Dr.Emma Scully   Country : UK
Date : 07 / 01 / 2006


Dear Dr Sanguan,
I would like to say thankyou to you for the fantastic surgery results and all the staff at PIH for looking after Fiona and I so well. The whole experience was wonderful and the outcome surpassed expectation.Phuket Plastic Surgery I am very grateful that such an important part of my life was so positive and supported by such compassionate and skilled people. I am pleased to recommend Dr Sanguan and his team to anyone considering SRS in the near future, and am happy to provide information about our experience in Phuket, (which is also a beautiful place to recover). I look and feel great, everything works well and I am very happy!

With love, from Grace and Fiona

Name : Grace Fiona   Country : Australia
Date : 22 / 12 / 2005

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