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Doctor Sanguan and his staff have, for more than 10 years, delivered reality to the dreams of hundreds of people from all around the world.

Patient care and safety, attention to detail and a compassionate manner ensure that PPS is recognized as one of the top surgeries in the world.

Numerous patients now know this to be the case, and some of their testimonials are shown below.



I had my SRS and BA at the Phuket International Hospital on the 9th April 2010. From the moment of my admission, it was a wonderful experience. The Hospital was modern and lovely and clean and my pre op checks were carried out efficiently and with a friendly smile from all the staff I came into contact with.Phuket Plastic Surgery
After the checks I was shown up to my room, which was more like a good quality hotel room than a Hospital room. I'd had very little nerves leading up to this point but once in the room the reality of going for surgery in the morning struck home. I then had a visit from Dr Sanguan and any nerves I had just evaporated. As soon as he spoke to me I felt at ease, I felt a strange calming aura that radiated from him to myself. I also saw the anaesthetist who again totally reassured me, banishing any concerns I had with regard to being asleep so long throughout the surgery. The nursing staff on the ward was also very attentive and always seemed to have a friendly smile. I had a friend who accompanied me to Phuket and she was able to stay at no extra cost in my room.
The morning of my surgery, after the preparation I was wheeled into the operating room and the theatre team was again so friendly and one of the nurses held my hand whilst I drifted off to sleep. The next thing I remember was waking up in recovery, a little groggy and asking a nurse if everything was okay. I will remember her reply until the day I die, "Everything is beautiful". I just smiled and drifted off back to sleep.
 I remember the lack of pain in my new genitals although I must admit that I had some discomfort in my chest muscles as the implants were inserted under muscle. This was still so much less than I had expected leading up to surgery and was managed superbly by Dr Sanguan and the nursing staff.
Part two of my surgery was done 6 days later and a few days after that was the grand unveiling with the packing removed. That has to rate as one of the happiest days of my life. I was so emotional and couldn't help but hug Dr Sanguan and the nurses, tears rolling down my eyes.
I felt sad when the time came to leave the Hospital but excited about being out and about as the now complete me. My recovery after leaving hospital also exceeded my wildest dreams and I had a fantastic holiday in Phuket.
I recently went back to the hospital with a friend for her post op check. Dr Sanguan offered to also check myself out 9 months post op. I was already so pleased with the results but it was lovely to hear how pleased he also was with his work.

Dr Sanguan, I thank you so much for giving me the body I always felt I should have been born with. My time in Phuket International Hospital was something I will never forget for all the right reasons. I have and will continue to recommend you to any one I speak to who is thinking of having SRS or BA,

Name : Chloe Davies   Country : Great Britain
Date : 21 /06 / 2011


hi..... Dr Sanguan Kunaporn 13 jan 07 I would like to take this oppotunity of saying how much i enjoyed my stay in phuket & having spent time at phuket international hospital . having my s r s & b a there on the 22 may 07 . i would have to say that . DR Sanguan is a lovely man who deserves full credit for what he has done for me . i also thank all those who worked & helped me while there . my stay was just really good . I can not express it in words how thankfull i am . i met so many people as well & was accepted like one of those who live in phuket. For those who are thinking of having s r s or other ops I would have to say i would not go any were other than phuket . it has for me been one of the most delightfull times in my life.. my s r s was & is a part now of who i am as a women. i am complete now i am 60 years of age so for me this is a part of my life now as i live & am accepted as a women in our community. thank you so much. Dr Saguan for helping me in my life as a women. o how neat it is i am a sanguan girl ...... noeleena Lochhead . waimate south . new zealand .

Name : Noeleena Lochhead   Country : NZ
Date : 21 / 01 / 2008


hi to Dr Sanguan and all the wonderful staff at PIH.
My BA & GRS was done on 3rd Feb, 2006. As Dr Sanguan puts it \"to make me whole\" and whole and wonderful I am.Phuket Plastic Surgery I suffered no real pain with GRS, some with BA but the tattoo i have since gotten on my back hurt far more.
This was the best thing I have ever done in my life and has given me a whole new life with new experiences and understandings. It has meant way more then just getting a vagina or anything sexual but has openned up a world of joy, less stress, worry free, non judgemental and friendships.
The treatment I recieved from the staff at Phuket International was comparable to better then most I have seen.
I was lucky in that a TV crew filmed my entire 8hr operation and i have the complete footage. I have sat and watched it in its entirity and it has given me so much of an insight into the efforts of an amazing surgeon, Dr Sanguan Kunaporn, and his team. The intricate detailed work and care even had the camera man tell me later that he was mesmerised and just could not stop filming.
For me the GRS has ended years of questioning inside myself and staunchly trying to stamp my mark as a male. It has been an amazing journey and i am so appreciative of Dr Sanguan, his theatre team. the lovely friendly nurses and PIH.
Alas I have a problem but not related to Dr Sanguan or PIH but to an act of stupidity by me most likely, so I am returning to PIH in Nov, 2006 for corrective surgery by Dr Sanguan and then look out world here i am.
I climax and orgasam wickedly by the way for those that want to know.
Thank You all

Name : Racheal McGonigal   Country : NZ
Date : 26 / 09 / 2006


My name is L.C. and I live in Seoul, South Korea. I went to Dr. Kunaporn for the breast reduction /lift on June 17th of this year. I was extremely pleased with everything from the staff, hospital, surgery, post-op and follow up. Dr.Kunaporn is a gifted plastic surgeon and I would trust him with any body part. I went from a D cup to a B cup. I've worn an underwire my entire life, and now, I just wear sport's bras. I'm soooooo happy with my decision and the results. There is, of course, scarring and the scars still ache from time to time. I have been putting vitamin E on them twice daily for two months and can see a difference. The scars in the front have faded a great deal, but the outer ones will take some time. It's all part of the healing process.
In conclusion, Dr. Kunaporn is phenomenal. If you are going to have the surgery, have him do it.
Name : L.C.   Country : USA
Date : 10 / 09 / 2006


I recently had SRS and breast augmentation with Dr. Sanguan on June 28th, 2006. Now, about a month post op,Phuket Plastic Surgery I am pleased with the results and how my body is healing.

I am 25 years old and have been on hormones since 19. I don\'t drink or smoke and I get plenty of exercising by walking everywhere instead of driving, so I knew I\'d heal fast from the surgery.

As time passed in the weeks after the surgery, I have gone from being in a great deal of pain the hospital, to having bouts of really distracting pain for a couple weeks in a hotel in thailand, and now, I can finally say I don\'t have any pain at all during my day except if I am using a one and 1/2 inch dilator (the thickest they provide) In addition, today I had my first post-op orgasm while dilating. I knew that not all women are orgasmic, trans or not, so this was a great discovery! :)

I would like to say that Dr. Sanguan is a very knowledgeable surgeon who anticipated all my concerns and addressed them. Upon seeing me he was able to tell me exactly how much vaginal depth I could expect (I was told between 4 and 5 inches, ended up with about 4.5).

Everything about my breasts and vagina are as good as I could have asked for. There were no infections or complications. I should also say I mostly followed the instructions he gave me with regards to dilating 3 times a day, cleaning the dilators with the provided soapy solution, and I avoided forbidden activities while in thailand like swimming or riding a motorcycle.

However, I was also provided with an anti-bacterial creme to use 3 times a day, which I actually only used about twice a week, and I neglected to do breast massages on myself for a couple weeks because they were painful. Despite these lapses on my part, nothing went wrong.

I also would like to say that Thailand was a great place to visit. My US dollars went far with regards to food and services. For example, dinner for 3 at a pizza/pasta joint might be 500 baht (or about 13$ US dollars)

I would recommend Dr. Sanguan to others who were interested in affordable surgery.

Name : Susan Moses   Country : USA
Date : 30 / 07 / 2006


At the age of 61 In April 2002 I had my SRS, and Browridge shaved at the International Hospital Phuket by            Dr Sanguan. The kindness and care shown to me by Dr Sanguan and all the staff was excellent in all respects and went far beyond my expectations.
Some two years later the surgery had well and truly settled down and now after four years it seems that I have always been this way.
I cannot thank Dr Sanguan enough for my SRS at a price that I could afford. Along with the air fair I could not have got a much better deal.
Post Op my partner and I had a wonderfull two weeks Holiday in and around Phuket, subject of course on a daily basis as to how I was feeling after the Op.
A truly Magnificent Country, A lovely people and one of the best Surgeons and Surgical Teams around. My sincere thanks to all.

From Helen Cormick.

Name : Helen Cormick   Country : UK
Date : 30 / 07 / 2006


I have heard it said that after a penis is amputated there can be the sensation of a phantom penis and even phantomPhuket Plastic Surgery erections for a while. I never felt this but I did have the reverse experience...of
having a phantom vulva pre-op. I would feel erotic sensations in this
phantom vulva at the same time as I was feeling erotic sensations in my penis. It was most distracting and meant that I never experienced full penile sensation. Now all sensations are in the same place, they are congruent to where I\'ve always in my consciousness known I should be experiencing them, in
my vulva.

Two nights after the first operation I woke in the middle of the night from a dream having a rather intense orgasm. I remember thinking all this shaking would shake out the tubes inserted into my body. Sanguan told me in the morning that this was rare, 1 in 100 patients experience this.

Since that time I have had other, less intense but still breathtaking orgasms. Not many, but from talking to other women this is normal. They are different to the male orgasm, quieter and focused inwards rather than outwards.

I experienced no pain from the operation, tiredness and discomfort yes but no pain. It felt to me rather like being pregnant...difficulty getting up and down, waddling walk, wind, cramp, constipation, blinding headaches. But no morning sickness.

Dilation has always been relatively easy, though very intense for the first few months. One\'s whole life revolves around it. Now I dilate a couple of times a week when my boyfriend Malcolm is not around.

Oh yes, my boyfriend. I met him in Thailand. He is from USA and came to visit me 10 weeks after the operation and to take me to a ball. We had sex after the ball and I had no need for additional lubrication. Since that time we have only had to use extra lubrication three times. There is lots of natural lubrication when I am aroused, both outside in the inner labia and inside the vagina. So after sex with out combined juices my vagina does a lot of squelching!

This natural lubrication also means that when I dilate I need hardly any extra lubrication, one small drop is all.

I have found that my vagina has a cycle of cornification and mucification, i.e. sometimes it is wet and sometimes dry. However, sexual stimulation will always bring on the moisture, though sometimes it may take a little while. Curiously, I have found that if Malcolm enters me dry it is not long before I am wet, so that stimulation must trigger something inside. That\'s how it appears to me. The only explanation I can see is that the skin used to line the vagina has changed its qualities and is now more like a natural vagina.

I hope that this account is of use to others who might be thinking of surgery, but also as a record for Sanguan.

Name : Petra Jane White   Country : NZ
Date : 18 / 07 / 2006


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