The following factors will influence the results of the GRS


Body size                                   History of Circumcision


Length of penis                           Quantity of scrotal skin


Circumference of penis



Scoring system


PPS has developed a scoring system, based on the factors above, that is aimed to give potential patients some indication of the outcome of the GRS.


Body size

Small            Body weight less than 60 kg                           3 points

Medium         Body weight 60-70 kg                                    2 points

Large            Body weight more than 70 kg                          1 point


Length of penis

Long             Corona of penis reaches perineum                   3 points

Moderate       Corona reaches mid-way between                  
                    perineum and root of penis                            2 points

Short             Corona confined to root of penis                    1 point


Circumference of penis

Large             Greater than 7 cm                                       2 points

Small             Less than 7 cm                                           1 point


History of circumcision

Uncircumcised                                                                2 points

Circumcised                                                                   1 point


Amount of scrotal skin

Abundant   Scrotal sack reaches perineum                         3 points

Moderate   Scrotal sack reaches mid way between
perineum and root of penis                                             2 points

Shrunken    Scrotal sack confined to penis root                  1 point



Overall score

9 - 13 points: Good result expected

8 points: Fair result

5 - 7 points: Could possibly be a poor result


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