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"My stay at Phuket at the International Hospital was almost like a holiday with the added benefit of my SRS. I shall never forget the kindness and understanding that I received from Dr Sanguan and his well trained staff."


The Phuket Plastic Surgery Clinic was established in 1992, and for many years provided a range of medical services for local residents. However, the vast improvements in plastic and cosmetic techniques that took place during the 1990s have led to a surge in interest for the surgical procedures offered by the clinic. This, together with the efforts of the Thai Government, through the auspices of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, to implement a service-orientated hospitality for visitors to the Kingdom, has resulted in a great increase in the number of international clientele seeking the services offered.

Phuket Plastic SurgeryOver the past 10 years, the PPS clinic has performed over 1600 cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on patients from over 30 countries. Currently, its international clientele comprises American (North/Central/South), European (Eastern/Western), Japanese, and other Asian subjects, all looking to turn their dreams into reality.

Phuket ThailandPhuket, along with Bangkok and Chiang Mai, is one of the key locations in the supply of medical and cosmetic services. Surgeons, dentists and opticians in Thailand are all extremely well trained in state-of-the-art procedures, with many of them qualifying from first class American medical universities.

The founder of the PPS clinic, Doctor Sanguan Kunaporn, has a well-known and well-deserved reputation in plastic surgery, and particularly in the field of Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment surgery. In Thailand Doctor Sanguan trained under the guidance of Doctor Preecha Tiewtranon, regarded by the Transgender community as the pioneer of Gender Reassignment surgery. He also studied and trained in America before opening the PPS clinic in Phuket.

Doctor SanguanDoctor Sanguans expertise has been heavily documented over the past decade with extensive media coverage, including documentaries on the National Geographic Channel (internationally), MDR (Germany), ABC (Australia), Star TV (Hong Kong) and 20/20 (New Zealand). These programs have given transgendered clients the opportunity to pass on their personal experiences and their decision making process in undertaking Gender Reassignment Surgery at PPS.

The feedback has been very supportive, heartfelt, compelling and inspiring to others in the transgendered communities whom dream of this transformation. Equally importantly, the message they have conveyed is the greater need for public awareness, education, tolerance, social acceptance and equality.

Phuket Plastic Surgery Center

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"I had SRS with Dr. Sanguan and he may be just the most compassionate, kind person I have ever met. His surgical skills are certainly exceptional and I have been very pleased with the results."

"I guess just about everyone thinks that their surgeon is the best. All I can say is that it's difficult to imagine anyone better than Dr. Sanguan and his staff at Phuket International Hospital. Everyone was so kind, considerate, gentle, and good humored. And the standard of care was second to none."
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